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Exatek Fees and Charges

  • Business and Home Rates                          - $110 per hour
  • Pensioner concession card discount           - $99 per hour


A call out fee of $30 applies to all on site work. This fee will be waived for people on a pension. 
If you're having financial problems, please let us know before work commences. We'll probably be able to work something out.
No customer will be charged more labour than the job is worth eg. if the work takes 8 hours, but should be able to be completed much faster, you will only be charged what the job is worth (even when the problem is outside our control). Minimum 1 hour still applies.

Rates Current as of January 2019

All Rates Include GST

A Minimum of 1 Hour will be charged for any onsite work. After that, you will be billed in 15 minute increments.

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